“My role is to be the observer, the curator of visual moments. I’m not there to make moments, I’m there to capture them.”

The work I produce is two fold:

  1. I create unique documentary photography for private clients wanting an authentic visual record of their wedding and family.
  2. I partner with brands, advertising agencies and organizations to craft powerful, journalistically-driven visual and multimedia storytelling narratives around social responsibility, philanthropic and cause-related initiatives that organizations have made as part of their mission statement and core values.

As a Pacific Northwest regional award-winning photojournalist, I have the credibility and real world experience to authentically and compassionately tackle sensitive, complex, social issues documenting that which is the human experience – ranging from homelessness, families, birth and death.

The results are authentic, transformative, visual stories that engage, unite, and have the power to change minds through compelling images to engage viewers.

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