Cliff Etzel - Eugene Oregon ocumentary Photographer

Cliff Etzel - DOcumentary Photographer in Eugene, Oregon

My role is to be the observer, the curator of visual moments. I’m not there to make moments, I’m there to capture them.

My name is Cliff Etzel and I’m a Pacific Northwest award winning photojournalist specializing in familywedding, birthing and end of life documentary photography.  I also produce work for companies, non profits and NGO’s that are humanitarian in their charter and offer one day street photography workshops that specialize in documenting smaller communities.

My 30+ year experience for framing and catching fleeting moments and light is what gives my photos meaning and sets my photos apart from run of the mill photographers.

In my photographic work, I feel there’s a real beauty in documenting authentic life experiences.

My passion to document the lives of everyday people is inspired by the acclaimed photographic work of  William Albert Allard, David Burnett, David Alan Harvey plus many others and my passion hasn’t diminished even after all these years.

I’m a member of the
Eugene Oregon Family Documentary Photographer Cliff Etzel is a member of the FPJAFamily Photojournalism Association

Cliff is based in Eugene, Oregon but tells stories throughout the Pacific Northwest, the U.S. & Worldwide.