Podcast – What is Photojournalism?

Documentary Photographer & Photojournalist Cliff Etzel discusses the misappropriation of the term “photojournalism” by those lacking experience in this particular skill craft and expounds upon what it means and requires to call ones self a photojournalist.

The Visual Storyteller – The Panacea of Social Media

Family Documentary Photographer and Host Cliff Etzel talks about how placing all your eggs in the Social Media platform basket is a recipe for business disaster and he provides some basic solutions that are shown to produce results better than social media.

When being patient pays off

I’ve driven by this spot so many times without giving it a second thought. Recently I drove by and saw the potential for an image and knew I needed to come back and wait for that decisive moment. In a spur of the moment decision, I went back on a […]

Oregon small town documentary photography by Cliff Etzel