Dynamic Audio Slideshows in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

As I’m beginning to add audio slideshows to my repertoire, I’ve been tempted to move back to SONY Vegas Pro as the process of producing them is very easily done with advanced features. The biggest issue I’ve had with Vegas Pro is its inability to share projects with other NLE’s.  The term “What Goes On In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” isn’t just about ones behavior in the city that never sleeps.
As such, I moved to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 in Dec 2010 and have struggled to get as efficient as I was when I edited my projects in Vegas Pro – especially in handling audio within one environment like I could in Vegas Pro.

The audio slideshow is becoming a tool I’m using to market and I wanted to make sure I could produce compelling projects that was more than just stationary still images on the screen.
A simple Google Search brought me to this video above on how to achieve the “Ken Burns” Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5/5.5.

Seriously working with audio in Premiere Pro quickly and efficiently is still a sticking point for me as Vegas was first a DAW and then had video capabilities added later which makes it ideal for working with audio while editing the project itself, but SONY’s lack of serious development of mainstream professional features like properly exporting an AAF or even an EDL has left me skittish about ever delving back into it – more bugs get introduced instead of making the application rock solid.
That’s a deal breaker in my book.
Needless to say, the workarounds I have to go through in order to work with audio in Premiere Pro is the trade off I begrudgingly settle for to have other professional features available to me.
In the end, it’s always a trade off in features, but I’d rather have stability, plugin options and constant development of professional features over the never ending bugs that SONY refuses to address in their “Pro” product.
**Update – for those who say Vegas Pro supports AAF and EDL – the application doesn’t import either properly.  Also, you have to install the 32bit version of Vegas Pro just to export out an AAF, yet Premiere Pro CS5/CS5.5 can import and export natively in 64bit**

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