Pen-F Diary – A new start to my blog

I have been shooting with Olympus mirrorless cameras now going on 4 years and in that time, my creative eye has been revitalized. In the summer of 2019 I upgraded to a trio of Olympus Pen-f camera bodies along with my brace of the amazingly compact and sharp mZuiko Premium Prime lenses.

These cameras and lenses have radically changed what and how I shoot my work. I’ve moved away from shooting video and gotten back to what I do best – documentary & street photography as visual storytelling.

As such, I’m now revamping my blog to reflect this new paradigm by posting what I capture with these tools as a means of providing an insight to my visitors of what I shoot and my process.

I’m not going to be posting daily, but I will post an image and the back story of how and why I shot each image.

Welcome to my Pen-f Diary.