The never ending treadmill of camera upgrades

I have a SERIOUS bone to pick with spin doctoring ad wizards and their never ending quest to convince shooters that they NEED/HAVE to upgrade to the so called latest and greatest cameras – all in the pursuit of more profits which equates in my opinion as consumption that impacts the planet.
At what point does the never ending upgrade treadmill become an exercise in futility?  The latest announcements by Canon and last week by Nikon for $6000 cameras that will “make you a better shooter” has just about pushed me to my patience limit.

Seriously?  Since when does the tool make the operator more creative?  I can understand lenses, but the body now costs more than many used cars these days and to think shooters invest in more than one just seems to border on insanity.
Was once told I should be sitting on the curve, if not slightly ahead of the equipment upgrade cycle to be “competitive”.
I remember back in the day when you invested your money in glass and the body was more or less the light box for the film.  Those days are long gone and now it’s about how many so called “Megapixels” the sensor has.
I’d much rather look at a 6mp image that captured the essence of the subject or scene as opposed to one shot on a 22mp camera of a mediocre image.
The operator, not the tool dictates the quality of the content.  Sure they can help make things easier, but it’s my belief that todays shooters have gotten lazy – relying on the pray and spray mentality of shooting stills.  If you can’t edit in the camera effectively, yo have no business shooting is my take.
I encourage those who read my blog to consider the true cost of the upgrade treadmill cycle – both financially and creatively.  It may be more than you can truly afford.
Yup – I’m on a soapbox rant today, but hey it’s a Monday, and so far, it’s already been one of those days.  And it’s only 10:45am.

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