jefferyharrell: We don’t use ink to express our opinions any more, which is a shame. If we did, I could start this out by talking about the ocean of ink that’s been spilled on Final Cut Pro X over the past couple of days, and how hardly a drop of it has been positive, and how Apple deserves every last speck and… I’ve never used Final Cut seriously as I settled on the Windows platform and went from SONY Vegas Pro to Premiere Pro CS5 in Dec 2010. The very issues around last weeks release of Final Cut Pro X is the very reason why I’ve avoided the limited Apple ecosystem – and now all it’s professional users are paying a heavy price. At least the migration to Adobe Premiere Pro is a true viable option as it iopens all their Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier XML export files.

Jeffery Harrell: What went wrong with Final Cut Pro X

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