• The Visual Storyteller Podcast Episode One – Welcome

    So here I go dipping my toe into the waters of podcasting. The premise?  A podcast dedicated to documenting the human experience of local communities and families from a visual storytelling perspective. I’m a visual storyteller, but the ability to impart information in other mediums has a place for visual content creators like myself.  So […]

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  • Microphone Test – Controlled Studio Environment

    Ever wonder if the choice of microphone you use makes a difference in audio quality?  What about the audio recorder you use – is there a difference for those of us on a tight budget? I decided to find out myself with a little test I put together with the mics I have on hand […]

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  • Surrender (feat. Diane Arkenstone) by Jeff Oster

    Although unrelated to the Visual Journalists Notebook, my friend and musician Jeff Oster has created some killer Ambient Terrain music on his second CD release.  Treat your ears right. Listen to the title track from his latest release entitled Surrender.

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