Reaching to the sky

When you see what appears to be a perfect image and being ready to capture it. There is an explosion of construction occurring in my home town of Eugene Oregon. The amount of multilevel buildings being built is pretty astonishing considering Eugene has stayed relatively quiet on that front but […]

Oregon small town documentary photography by Cliff Etzel based in Eugene

Cliff Etzel - Eugene Oregon Street Photographer

Metro Movie Theater

As a small town street photographer, downtown Eugene, Oregon is slowly becoming more visually interesting. I’ve lived here since the age of 7 and the challenge I’ve come to realize is it’s somewhat limited visual opportunities as a result of being a smallish college town, even though it has a […]

Liberty & Lunch

Made a road trip with a friend and professional colleague to Portland Oregon. On our way back home, we stopped for lunch in Salem, Oregon at McMenamins BrewPub and the ambiance was lovely. All the warm tones and the decor were begging for a color image to be shot. This […]

Street Photography by Cliff Etzel

Street Photography by Cliff Etzel

Always Be Ready

I tend to see moments in everyday life, especially in my home town of Eugene, Oregon. Small town street photography is more challenging in my opinion due to a lesser degree of shooting opportunities that many can find more easily in larger urban places like New York City and other […]

Through The Eyes of a Child

I captured this precious moment while sitting outside having coffee with a sales & marketing consultant I was working with for growing my photography business. She had the cutest British accent as she and her family were visiting her grandparents here in Eugene, Oregon. She was very energetic most of […]

Documentary Family Photography by Cliff Etzel