Some truths on truth and photography


  • All photographs are posed.
  • The intentions of the photographer are not recorded in a photographic image. (You can imagine what they are, but it’s pure speculation.)
  • Photographs are neither true nor false. (They have no truth-value.)
  • False beliefs adhere to photographs like flies to flypaper.There is a causal connection between a photograph and what it is a photograph of. (Even Photoshopped images.)
  • Uncovering the relationship between a photograph and reality is no easy matter.Most people don’t care about this and prefer to speculate about what they believe about a photograph.
  • The more famous a photograph is, the more likely it is that people will claim it has been posed or faked.
  • All photographs are posed but never in the same way.
  • Photographs provide evidence. (The question is of what?)

— Errol Morris, testifyin’ on his Twitter

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