Day In The Life Of

Through The Eyes of a Child

I captured this precious moment while sitting outside having coffee with a sales & marketing consultant I was working with for growing my photography business. She had the cutest British accent as she and her family were visiting her grandparents here in Eugene, Oregon. She was very energetic most of […]

Documentary Family Photography by Cliff Etzel

Serendipity In Color

I’ve made it a habit for years to have my camera sitting out just in case an image presents itself. And that experience bore this out for this image while I was enjoying an Americano at Vero Espresso House in my home town of Eugene, Oregon. The similarities in color […]

Alley Way Signage

Street photography moment while walking around downtown Salem Oregon. The color of the ad on the wall first caught my eye and knew I needed to be patient for a decisive moment of someone walking by. The pigeons added just that little extra to this captured moment.

Documentary Wedding Photography by Cliff Etzel

Childhood Innocence

I captured this moment of a little girl playfully dancing at my son’s wedding. I had observed her running and jumping in the innocence that only young childhood seems to allow these days. This moment was all about her dancing and playing freely after the ceremony. It’s these nuanced moments […]

Elevator Door

I realized that the work of Magnum Photographer Mark Power influenced this image as I was headed down from where I had parked to do some early evening street photography in my home town of Eugene, Oregon. The color contrast between the red elevator door and the green wall jumped […]