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A Private Moment

On July 27th, 2019, my son married the love of his life. As the father of the groom, I wasn’t asked to shoot their wedding photo’s yet I knew how I wanted to remember this special day and so I took it upon myself to document their special day as […]

Documentary Wedding Photography by Cliff Etzel

Cliff Etzel Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Eugene Oregon

A Moment Between Brother and Sister

On July 27th, 2019 my son married the love of his life in a heartfelt ceremony that had a lot of laughs as well as tearful moments. My daughter was a part of the bridal party and even though I wasn’t the official photographer, I knew I needed to capture […]

Contrasting Colors

Pops of contrasting colors in this moment sitting at Sweet Cheeks Wine Bar at 5th Street Market in Eugene, Oregon.

Eugene Oregon Street Photographer Cliff Etzel

Street Photography by Cliff Etzel

Waiting in traffic

While sitting in my car during downtown Portland, Oregon rush hour traffic, I looked up and saw this image. Shot a handful of images and this one seemed the strongest.

Serendipity in Red

There are times I wonder how an image unfolds before your eyes in a way you would think was planned. I was trying to compose something interesting at the 5th Street Public Market with the red umbrellas when this woman literally walked in front of them. I was able to […]

Eugene Oregon documentary Photography by Cliff Etzel