Family Documentary Photography FAQ

Why would you want to have Family Documentary Photography created for you?

I’ve compiled some reasons why having your family photographed in a documentary style will leave a more lasting impression for you and your loved ones – both now and in the future:

  1. Your unrehearsed moments are beautiful. And you can look back on them and remember what they felt like, not just what you looked like, as a family.
  2. Your children are growing and changing faster than you realize.
  3. You’ll want to be in the pictures too! Your children and their children will want to have photos of you too – with them!
  4. You don’t have to get ready to be photographed.  You come as you are – authentic, real.
  5. They’ll mean so much more than ‘we went to a photographer’s studio and this is what they did.’
  6. I come to you. You don’t have to do anything more special than just be yourselves (and that’s definitely enough) – there’s no pressure to be anything else.
  7. The images I capture focus on your relationships, not how good you are at being told what to do by someone else.
  8. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to have those decisive moments captured together.
  9. If you want photographs of emotional connections inside real moments, there’s no better way of doing it. The various emotions are real moments that happened, unrehearsed and not directed.
  10. You’ll want beautiful prints or a custom album of moments like this, not left forgotten on some hard drive somewhere, often only remembered when there’s a problem and it’s too late, like a broken hard drive.
  11. You’ll have images that remind you of the way your children love you and you love them. Sometimes it takes a moment to be captured in a single frame to be reminded of that.
  12. You’ll notice things in these pictures that remind you of things about your family, your kids, that in the hectic pace of modern life and all its distractions, you just don’t get to see or are just so fleeting that they get lost.

Interested?  Send me an email from my contact page and let’s discuss further how I can best meet your photographic needs.

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